Alan Thomson

Alan lives in Salsburgh and has been a presenter with Listen Lanarkshire from the very start. He has been rewarded by Trinity College London a grade 8 in singing and is now working towards his associate level. In his spare time Alan enjoys singing with a local choir, so he like the others has a vast music genre he likes and knows.

Eddie McFadden

Eddie lives in Motherwell and claims to have been a music fan since the moment his ears started functioning. His tastes are varied but his main focus is progressive rock and he will happily extol the virtues of the genre for hours on end to anyone unfortunate enough to be trapped in the same room as him. He has been known to go to extraordinary lengths to see his favourite bands live, and his wife recently worked out that the money he's spent on records, tapes, CD's, concerts and T-shirts over the years would have easily paid off the national debts of Sunhillow, Lamneth, Flotsam and Jetsam!

Dj Ginger

Dj Ginger has had experience in radio for 7 years with Listen Lanarkshire. He lives in Wishaw is 22 years old and loves almost every genre of music. Dj Ginger guarntees his listeners a good time every thursday evening from 5.30 to 7pm with music and banter and with Listen Lanarkshire has 2 awards: volunteer of the year and radio recognition.